Our Work

We collaborate with socially-minded thought leaders to scale up their courses and programs. From online schools to coaches and industry experts, we’ve built powerful digital experiences that directly translate into long-lasting customer relationships.

Mapping Success

Initially, we will set-up proper third-party attribution tracking software so we can map out your customer journey. Then we utilize advanced ad optimization strategies to get the best return on investment possible for your business.

We provide you with a Custom Executive Dashboard that identifies your current challenges and allows you to track the results. We help you find the root problem so that the smallest fix can make the biggest impact. We’re ready to get you answers – connect with us to find out the crucial piece missing from your digital marketing strategy.

And sometimes it helps to show you what we do.

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Why Hire Us?

Don't have a massive marketing team? Or the time to task your team with constant training and re-upping on all of the ad trends in social media?

We live and breath in total immersion in social media. We're in it every day - tweaking, testing, strategizing and winning you the best attention.

We use ninja scaling strategies with our proven methods on social platforms to grow your business, increase website traffic, email subscribers, fan base, video viewership and optimizing the whole sales flow.

Take the next step in lead acquisition with us.

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At Martin Marketing Inc. we help businesses take the lead in their industry with digital. We're centralized in Newmarket, Ontario and our remote team is located across Canada and United States.

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