The Problem

An online school was running social media ads well enough to maintain business but were running out of steam trying to boost student enrollment while juggling their day-to-day operations. When they reached out to us, their ad spending was steadily rising without showing any tangible results.

On top of that, their Word Press site was another bundle of problems. As the hub of their marketing and student activities, it was bloated with plug-ins and constantly crashing. Beyond growing their audience, what our client needed was a centralized and responsive digital space that could integrate advertising, student communications, and sales.

The Solution

Our client had a strong online presence, but their difficulty with ad scaling is a problem many businesses face using the main social media platform—Facebook. We went to the analytics for answers, showing our client the unlocked potential in their brand and the kind of content that would get them to the next level. With a fresh and seamlessly executed Facebook campaign, we started reaching their sweet spot of audiences.

On top of that, our client got a full revamp of their Word Press site. We took care of switching them to a better host and while we developed their new site, built a temporary micro-site so they could keep pushing out ads on social media.

Finally, we noticed their email marketing just wasn’t cutting it, so we introduced a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which allowed them to go to one place for email subscribers, enrollment, and follow-ups in addition to automating their sales. With this new centralized system, the company was ready to handle an influx in customers and support their growing sales team.

From Insight Into Action: Results

The online school tripled the number of received applications and were able to expand their program offerings to accommodate higher enrollment.

They reach new and existing students with a fully functional website that is easy-to-navigate and streamlines the whole sales process.

As a bonus, we built them a set of student personas that they can use for targeting specific audiences in future ad campaigns and program landing pages.

This school started small but their online reach has now earned them recognition as leaders in their industry. This goes to show how a knowledgeable social media manager along with a suite of digital upgrades can make all the difference in a company’s growth.

The Result


Program applications


Email Subscribers


Website traffic increase


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