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Why do you need measurement marketing?

As a business owner you’re tasked with making countless decisions on a daily basis. Up until now you’ve managed most, if not all, of your marketing yourself. You’re spending valuable resources, including your own time and mental energy, on marketing analytics — and you’re not even sure how to use the information.

As your business has grown, so have your marketing efforts and with each new funnel comes another set of analytics. You know what your ad spend is and you’ve calculated your ROAS, but whenever you take a deep dive into the data the waters only seem to get murkier. It’s like you’re swimming in the ocean, but you can’t make it past the breakers.

You’re resourceful, but you’re also exhausted. You’re too close to the problem and both you and your business would benefit from an objective point of view you can trust.

Marketing Dashboards That Do More Than Keep You Afloat

Calmer Waters Ahead

Instead of sifting through the onslaught of information on individual platforms — most of which offer a one-size fits all approach to marketing analytics — wouldn’t it be nice to have a tailor-made dashboard that showed you only what you need to know when you need to know it? To feel confident in your decisions? To make more money?

To know that, if business should suddenly fall off, you could look to the numbers to tell you what went wrong? Stop treading water and make the decision to take your marketing to the next level with measurement marketing. We start with an in-depth audit of your current marketing efforts and reporting tools. Then we diagnose the problem.

Dashboards of your dreams

We start with an in-depth audit of your current marketing efforts and reporting tools. Then we diagnose the problem.

Next, we build custom, interactive dashboards in Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) — complete with benchmarks that reflect your goals — and make the information easy to interpret and act on.

Once your marketing dashboards are built, we begin the forecasting and optimization process. The information we gain here will give new meaning to the term “you don’t know what you don’t know” (get ready to geek out on analytics with us).

From here on out, your marketing game plan also serves as a projection for your earnings — we can’t wait to show you how it’s possible.

A Google Data Studio Example

Other insights you’ll receive that make our data-loving hearts go pitter patter:

The ability to break your audience down by engagement rate –low/medium/high — and retarget accordingly

Detailed insights into your email marketing including what piques the interest of your list — and what converts into sales

Video engagement — how many views each video receives and how much of the content they consumed

Website scroll depth — by combining the scroll depth with the time spent on the page, we gain valuable insight into engagement

Which ads to feed and which to freeze based on performance

Real-time ad performance that allows you to practice agile marketing

It’s done-for-you ROI marketing reporting at its finest.



Measurement marketing leaders are four times as likely to exceed business goals, increase market share, and increase revenue.


Leading marketers are 75% more likely than the mainstream marketers to have moved to a more holistic model of measurement in the last two years.


Leaders are one and a half times as likely to apply measurement learnings to digital marketing and media investment in near real time.

Measurement Marketing is right for you if…

It’s Your Turn. Make Your Move.

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