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We can help you get traffic, leads and sales in a way that serves your mission. We specialize in scaling up courses and programs for thought leaders.

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What stands between you and real growth for your business and your audience?

You’ve got an important message and you’re ready for it to make an impact.

You’ve tried all of the things...

  • Created a website but there isn’t enough traffic
  • Running Facebook ads that waste a ton of your money
  • Wrangling freelancers that leave you stuck in endless correspondence and delegation
  • Emailing your list with weak response rates
  • Tested Google Ads and you saw promise but felt like something was missing

It feels like your marketing is all over the place, you’re not getting results and you don’t have a cohesive plan to grow your following.

Have you ever wished you could find someone to step in and fix all of this so you can focus on your area of expertise? Someone who can take away your marketing stress/anxiety and enable you to work on your business instead of in your business.

To grow a sustainable, scalable business, you need to spend more time designing new services/products and orchestrating your overall vision.

To step out of the marketing hamster wheel, it requires partnering with a marketing expert who can design your marketing plan and call the shots instead of taking orders.

A partner who can:

  • Find new customers for you online
  • Be proactive
  • Handle the technical side of your website
  • Create scalable ad campaigns
  • Create sustainable business growth
  • Reduce your anxiety

Maybe in the past, you haven't had success in hiring someone to help you with your marketing.

  • You were over-promised.
  • You didn’t get results.
  • You felt like a number to them.
  • And worst of all you were worried you were throwing your money away.

If you want bigger marketing results, you need bigger hands.

We know that your path to success is our path to success and that involves:

Someone who knows how to set you apart as an industry leader. Someone who is tech-savvy, data-driven and empathetic.

And that someone you’ve been looking for is our team at Martin Marketing.

We believe in supporting purpose-driven thought leaders that want to scale up their courses and programs.

  • Increasing your profit
  • Reducing your stress
  • Eliminate your distractions
  • Decrease your hassles
  • Extending your brand reach
  • Setting you apart from the pack
  • Run your virtual marketing department for you and act as
    your virtual CMO
  • Having fun working together

We wholeheartedly believe in your message.
And we want to help you grow because that is our purpose.

Our purpose is to elevate the greater good.

This is what we do.

Your message contributes to the greater good, and we will be your messengers.

So you can get your message to the masses.

Why you need us as your guide:

What got you where you are now won’t get you to the next level if you don’t uplevel your marketing team now. It’s taken a lot of brilliance and entrepreneurship to get you where you are, but you are too close to it. For you to break through your next ceiling, you require a new way of looking at your marketing.

And that’s where we come in.
We are a powerhouse team of intuitive women who use our gifts congruently with data driven marketing to elevate you as a thought leader.


"Martin Marketing has been indispensable to us. They have helped us in every possible way to expand our reach, and communicate more effectively with prospective students. Our student body has grown by 400% with their help. Our retreats are full and most importantly our reputation in the community has been drastically improved.

Tammy and her team are extremely responsive to our needs. They’ve taken the time to learn our very specific niche. They have consistently responded to challenges in a timely productive way. At this point, I can’t imagine running my business without them. Consider yourself lucky if they take you on as a client."

Brandt Passalacqua

It's Your Turn. Make Your Move.

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact us today, and we will connect to book a consultation with you.

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