The Problem

Your marketing plan works for you. Until the day that it doesn't.

A market research company was seeking ways to attract more clients for food and beverage studies. Although they had dabbled in Facebook with some success, they were mostly using outdated and inefficient methods like telemarketing and mail-outs that weren't working like they used to.

The client didn’t have the bandwidth to manage social media internally, so they reached out to us to revitalize their brand and take them in a new direction.

The Solution

We updated the client’s entire site, moving their marketing strategy into the digital age. With our keen visual eye and the company’s core values, we built an online experience that was responsive on mobile devices and better reflects what the company represents today.

We launched the market research company’s presence on Facebook and Instagram, integrating their new look with attractive and targeted ad messaging to connect them with their ideal audiences. Once we perfected this strategy, we introduced Google ads to get them even more leads.

What happened after their first year?

From Insights Into Action: Results

After a year, the company no longer has to scramble to find participants for their studies. With two social platforms and Google paid ads, they have acquired a sizeable— and constantly growing— internal database of prospects that they can message at any time.

Their brand now speaks to digital users and has a savvy graphic identity that stands out among online advertisers. With a fresh and energized look, they have been able to attract audiences of all types, including those who are typically harder to market to. That is our definition of dominating the digital environment!

The Result


Larger Database


Increase in Page Fans


Average Cost Per New Tester

Where are they now four years later?

We're now venturing into additional platforms for this client. We're moving beyond Facebook and Instagram Ads and implementing Google Search and YouTube Ads. We've even got an eye on experimenting with Pinterest advertising as well.

They have a strong funnel that is consistently converting their 25,000+ monthly website visitors into new leads.


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