The Problem

Finding the right platform for your content.

The agency for a log home builder had a good foundation for capturing email subscribers and web traffic through blog posts on their business page. However, at their standard performance, they were converting new leads at a cost of over $200 per email subscriber (way too much!).

We collaborated with them on their first steps into social media advertising instead of relying on organic reach and helping them to boost leads and widen their online exposure across North America.

The Solution

The log home company was a great fit for social media. With their already attractive content, we got them into people’s Facebook newsfeeds and promoted their company’s blog posts with paid ads featuring trendy log home models.

We helped the agency stay connected to its website visitors by creating a variety of email sign-up promotions that appealed to their target audience.

What happened after their first year?

From Insight Into Action: Results

After several months of working together, we generated new email subscribers at an average cost of $1.50 per subscriber, a fraction of the client’s previous spending. The company’s page fans have doubled and their email lists have quadrupled. As a side benefit, the organic business page is now getting exponential exposure because their reach is that much larger!

This is an example of a perfect pairing between a strong content strategy and social media advertising. It was the foundational work that the log home company invested in beforehand that amplified their social media results.

The Result


Facebook business page fans


Email Subscribers


Average Cost Per Subscriber


Engagements on a single post

{and counting}

Where are they now four years later?

After several years of working together, we are continuing to generate leads for them by adding search engine marketing into the mix in addition to their social media advertising to keep their advertising costs low.

They have over 6,500 followers on Facebook and over 2,500 followers on Instagram. Each month their website has over 10,000 sessions as well.

Despite the pandemic, this log home builder is still collecting leads and sales to create a bright future for this family-owned business.


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