7 Mistakes Made When Choosing a Google Ads Consultant

Jumping back in the way back time machine, before I took the plunge and created an agency I was the Marketing Manager for a multi-location health provider. 

Google Ads were part of our strategy to get new leads and we hired a string of Google Ad Consultants.  Unfortunately, we got burned by several of them, and eventually, I decided to learn how to do pay-per-click (PPC) advertising myself. 

I wish I had known the many ways for clients to get caught in traps and waste their marketing investment before working with these so-called ‘expert’ consultants.

Here’s what I learned after delving in and taking a closer look for myself:

  1. Choose someone who is Google Ads certified or work with a Google Ads agency that is Google Partner certified (learn more about the benefits of working with a Google certified partner. Psst!: our agency is certified!)
  2. Don’t fall prey to the Go Big or Go Home mentality. Big dollar bids for Google Ads tend to just burn through your marketing budget. You want to be in the top three instead. That’s the sweet spot. It will conserve your budget and allow you to have better exposure and more leads.
  3. Work with the Google Ads certified agency to choose the keywords and campaigns that apply to your specific business. Just because there is a hot keyword category doesn’t mean that it’s a good fit for you. Choose campaigns that fit your specific niche. Don’t be afraid to be a specialist and unique! 
  4. Review all of the ads yourself to ensure that they meet your professional regulations. For example, just because they have worked for other clients in your niche before doesn’t mean that they fully understand the rules that you need to abide by.
  5. If the consultant advises you not to post promotions/sales on your ads, this is a big red flag. Always promote your promotions! What’s the sense in running one if you don’t?
  6. Review the geographic targeting for your campaigns. Some of these consultants will allow you to spend exorbitant amounts on a region that may not even apply to you, or the geographic area is too big so your clicks are spent on people who aren’t even close to you.
  7. Review your ads for typos. We’ve seen incorrect phone numbers, addresses and spelling mistakes. Treat these ads like a traditional printed ad with the detailed attention you normally would.

As you can see, there are many ways for clients to get caught in traps and waste their marketing investment. Take time to find a Google Ads consultant that has your best interests in mind. It is possible for both of you to benefit financially from Google Ads. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit.

Read more about how we could be that fit for you in our blog article Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? | Work with a Google Partner.

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Tammy Martin


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