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Certified Google Partner Ad Agency

The holidays are rapidly approaching – which means it’s primo shopping season. 

Online shopping continues to grow – how do you ensure your products and services get found by folks searching online?

Google Ads! 

Reap the maximum benefits of Google Ads by working with a digital marketing agency that is a Google Certified Partner for google ads management services.

What does it mean when an ad agency is a Google Partner?

Google has specific criteria for agencies like ours to receive and retain the Google Partner badge.

  1. We must meet a 90-day ad requirement of $10,000 USD across your managed accounts to show that the agency has a healthy amount of activity.
  2. We must deliver solid overall ad revenue and growth by maintaining and growing their client base.
  3. We must have at least one team member who is currently Google Ads Certified. 

As an agency, Martin Marketing is a Google Partner and has worked in various different ad platforms provided by Google including Search ads, Display ads, Video ads and Shopping ads. 

Each type comes with its own skillset gained through Google certified training. The Martin Marketing team includes a digital marketing specialist who is Google Ads certified for all types. 

A Google Partner badge requires renewing certifications annually in order to ensure we are up to date with the latest pay-per-click (PPC) practices and strategies to keep pace with digital marketing trends as they evolve in this ever-changing landscape.

A few key factors in finding success with Google Ad campaigns is as follows:

  • For search ads, monitoring the search terms report to find out what people are searching for and what search terms are bringing up your ad. This can help you find new keywords and also help refine your market by using negative keywords.
  • For shopping ads, keeping a healthy negative keyword list to ensure your ad does not show up when a search is not related to your product.
  • Running split tests to gain more insights and further your success. Some examples of split tests could be ad copy for search campaigns, alternate landing pages for search campaigns and testing different images for display campaigns. 
  • Running different campaigns with different budgets and objectives is also a strategy to test our different keyword types, devices, locations, etc.

An example is we have found great success in running a landing page split test for a client. When we started running the campaign using the landing page that was provided, the results were average but we knew we could do better. After creating a split test and sending half our traffic to an alternate landing page, our conversions increased by 400%! 

If you’ve been considering advertising on Google, contact us to schedule a consultation call.

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