What’s New in Website Content?

Four Current Content Trends

Your website will go through many iterations during the lifespan of your business. If you’ve been thinking about updating your site, these trends will help you along the way.

Over the past few months I’ve been running a survey on my website asking visitors what the trickiest page on their site is to write. There were a good amount of people that said the about page and blog articles, but most people struggle with their home page content. This finding is a great segue into the latest website content trends.

Home Page Content
Back in the day, websites titles used to start with “Welcome!” and then went into all of the reasons why the company was so great, blah blah blah. Nowadays, when you ask a website designer to insert that phrase on your home page, they literally cringe.

Home pages have now shifted from being company-focused to client focused. When you really know exactly who your target market is and what they’re struggling with, your home page content flows easily because you just need to speak to those pain points.

“Stop talking about yourself, and start talking about them and the solutions you provide.”

Buttons, Not Just Hyperlinks
A growing portion of your website visitors are viewing it from their smart phones or tablets. Not only do you need to ensure that your website is responsive for these devices, it’s also important to make your links easier to follow. That’s why buttons are better for your main call-to-action because it’s easier to touch with your finger than an itsy bitsy hyperlink.

Another helpful trick is to ensure that your phone number is clickable so mobile visitors can just click to call you right from their phone.

Ditch The CV
They’re just not that into you! Your ‘About Us’ page is not your opportunity to go through your boring resume. {That’s what Linked In is for if people really want to know.} Instead, this page your opportunity to connect with your ideal customers. You want to talk about things that will resonate with them.

For example, on my own ‘About’ page, I chose to write about a near death experience I had with divine intervention because my ideal clients are spiritual entrepreneurs. I wanted to share that story for two reasons. It helps me filter in who I want to work with and filter out the people who I don’t. If people think that the story is too “woo woo”, then perfect, hopefully they stop there and find someone else that is a good fit for them.

To Blog Or Not To Blog
Over the course of launching countless websites for clients, it’s been interesting to see who maintains their site and who doesn’t. I have actually stopped setting up the blog section of websites for clients as a default. It is quite uncommon for me to find an entrepreneur who has the marketing chops to keep it up to date.

I spoke to a business owner recently and they said that during their busy season they let their blog go for a while. One of their clients asked them if they were still in business because they hadn’t written anything in a few months. Wow! I was shocked! This is why I am hesitant to set-up a blog because it can actually make your business look bad if you’re not posting regularly.

If you’re able to write an article, even one that’s only 250 words each month, then go for it. People like to see your insights and expertise. It’s a great way to showcase your skills without being salesy. In fact, this is a great strategy that I use for Facebook advertising to introduce companies to their potential customers. Through highly relevant content. It works. And it’s an inexpensive way to bring traffic to your site. After all, who wouldn’t want to pay pennies for a visitor?

Website Reincarnations
If your site is about to incarnate into a new life of its own, feel free to reach out to me for a consultation to discuss these trends and how you can stay current. I work with Word Press websites exclusively and if you already have a site based on Word Press, refacing it is actually easier than you think.

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