What is StoryBranding?

“Look at how terrific we are!”

Does this capture your interest? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Not so much.

Today’s successful companies like Apple, Harley Davidson and Nike think about creating meaning before making money. They have a cause…a reason for being that goes beyond the profit motive. They also understand that when you create meaning, the money will come.

It is important for business owners to align their marketing with their meaning. One way of doing this is through the use of storybranding which are powerful stories that describe what created your purpose. This helps your brand come to life.

Think about how you could bring your own story to life. Ask yourself questions like why do we do what we do? Figure out what your deep seeded value is and communicate that with your customers so they understand the true essence of who you are and what you stand for. In the end it will not only cultivate brand lovers, but brand enthusiasts. These people share the same values as you do and will be happy to share your story with others.

This blog was inspired by Jim Signorelli’s book, StoryBranding. Every brand has an authentic and motivating story and deserves to be told. Connect with Tammy Martin today to unlock your inner-story today using storybranding and reveal what you’re truly all about.


“Stories have been, and still are, the most persuasive tools in the arsenal of human communications. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons that serve as the foundation of a process we now call StoryBranding, and the best among them is that stories clothe truths by not getting in the way of truth. They get around our natural resistance to being sold by not pushing beliefs. Rather, they stimulate and resonate by inviting us to acknowledge beliefs that are already in place. They do this by fascinating us with identifiable characters and by inviting us to empathize with them.” 

– Jim Signorelli

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Tammy Martin

Tammy is the company founder and crafty innovator behind this article. Since 2000, she has worked with clients to refine their marketing strategy, perfect ad performance, and generate sales from the bottom up.

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