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Okay, so you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves and talk about Facebook strategy. Excellent!

Before we book our session, I’d like to learn some more details about your business so we can both be well prepared. Most of the questions are required. If some of them don’t apply to you, simply put “Not Applicable” and move to the next question.

The questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about who your ideal customer is from a strategic perspective and to reflect on what products and content you have already that we can work with to get started.

Once the form is filled out, I’ll provide you with a link to my calendar to schedule a time.

  • Please insert http:// or https:// before the URL.

  • A $2,000/month ad spending minimum is required plus the agency fee which will be quoted upon completion of your strategy call.

  • Please provide an age range.
  • Engaged, married, single, complicated, widowed, divorced, or not sure.
  • If so, how old would their children be? {age range}

  • Examples: fitness, meditation, golf, hockey, yoga, christianity, etc.

  • These are people that would be apt to have a large Facebook fan base already. They are often considered public figures. Example: Oprah, Dr. Oz, Tony Robbins, etc.

  • Maybe it’s something that keeps them up at night. Examples: obesity, insomnia, lack of self confidence, finances, etc.

  • Something compelling. Something that creates curiosity. Something that delivers value, but can transition smoothly into your core product or service. Example: Free eBook, Free Download, Webinar, Chapter Excerpt, Podcast, etc.

    This content builds a relationship, warms up your customers and gets them ready to take action.


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