Social Features to Leverage

Social Features you want to make sure you are leveraging, not ignoring, for best results.

Advertising on social isn’t just an alternative channel to google or print.

There are distinct features of social ads that are important to leverage to make sure you are getting the most return on investment from your ads.

People are on social to be social – to engage and learn, converse and connect. If your ads are not utilizing some form of these interactions and are JUST SELLING, not only are they going to stick out like a sore thumb, but you are missing out on the magic of social.

About a decade ago I went to a home show, and as my husband and I walked around we kept seeing people with these blue mops. The longer we strolled, the more of them we saw. It seemed like every 15th person was carrying at least one, sometimes two around. “What’s the deal with these mops?” I wondered.

Eventually, we came upon the booth responsible for the blue stick wielders.

You know the one – there’s one at every home show. A person with a headset mic is demonstrating the unique (and typically unusually effective) properties of their product.

I wanted to know what was so great about these mops that so many people needed them, so I watched the demo.

I’ll cop to it: I bought one. We were in the market for a new mop and having seen this one in action I was convinced that it worked.

Was it the amazing wonder mop it was touted to be? No.

But seeing it in action and having reasonable confidence it would work was enough for me to buy that one instead of waiting until the next time I was at the store to pick one up.

And it was the social proof of everyone carrying them around that got me to pay attention in the first place.

This combination of a demonstration plus peer influence is readily available for any marketer to leverage to sell on social media.

Your product doesn’t have to be the next wonder product that revolutionizes the category. With the right audience, people who are in the market for your product (hello targeting!), just seeing that it works and how it works can often be enough to convert them.

Your demo video needn’t be super high quality and scripted either. In fact, to work best on social media it should not look like a highly produced tv commercial – it’s obvious those are designed to sell, not be social. And for why you’d want to be more social than sales-y read our last blog post.

The section below your ads where people can like, comment and share is peer influence.

These are the “blue mops” and they will catch peoples attention. Having a community manager to reply to questions and comments is essential to managing and leveraging this feature.

If you’ve been trying a Google “sell-sell-sell” approach with your social media ads and haven’t had success, contact us for a marketing consultation to discuss how to leverage the unique features of social media ads for your business.

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