Six Tips on How to Build Your Business on Linked In

Your Headline

Instead of writing your boring job title in your headline, use a couple of sentences to explain who you are and what you do. If possible, utilize keywords so people can find you more easily through a Linked In search.

Provide Updates

Just like Facebook, Linked In has a news feed. When you have updates in your business, write a status update so your connections will see what you’ve been up to. If possible, write the content/article on your site and provide a link to it on Linked In so you can build good quality back links to your site to build its authority.

Brag About Your New Skills

When you have invested time and money into professional development, be sure to update the training and courses section of your profile. When you do this, all of your connections will get an update in their news feed that you’ve added new skills and expertise.

Connect with Your Target Audience

Use the Linked In search function to find your target audience. Your ideal client can be found by using search terms like: location, business name, title or keywords.


Join appropriate groups and participate in group discussions. Don’t be an annoying salesperson. Instead, be authentic and connect and educate the members. People are looking for answers, not sales pitches. When you show your expertise with good content, it will do a better job of ‘selling’ you than a cheesy pitch. {Hint: the same goes for your website content.}

Reap the Rewards

As you connect with more people on Linked In and they accept your invitation to connect, you will be building a database of contacts. If you have an email distribution list, use the Network connections section of Linked In to export them. Then you’ll have direct access to your target audience outside of Linked In as well.

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