Get the attention you deserve when people Google what you offer

Google is where people search for everything. Your listing can appear at the very moment someone is looking for your product/services and can turn them into valuable customers.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) campaigns can do this for your business:

  • Reach the right people at the right time, wherever they are.
  • Allow you to pay for results only (website clicks or phone calls)
  • Target people with a specific problem they're trying to solve
  • Find people who are in an active buying/shopping mode
  • Go global or stay local - you can be geographically specific - set a radius around your business postal code(s) or target an entire country
  • Be time-specific - you can turn the ads on only when your business is open or leave them on 24/7
  • Use a self-determined budget - once Google reaches your daily budget, your ads stop showing, no overspending
  • Cater to your slow season or busy season - we can turn your ads off when you're running off your feet or vice versa
  • Display your ads on partner sites to help spread the word
  • Be confident that your business is up to date with Google's latest algorithm changes


Let's say you were to think about your website as your personal salesperson...

Would you pay someone to sit in a room and wait for people to stop by and ask them about your business?

We didn't think so.

Instead, you'd be sending them out into the world to sell your business. This is what Google Ads do for you. They are your virtual salespeople leading the way for new clients to come and visit your website.

If you're looking for a quick way to promote your website, Google Ads are a fantastic tool to place you at the top of their search rankings within three days.

They are a great alternative or addition to traditional marketing tactics such as trade show participation, newspaper ads, yellow pages listings and more. It also boasts your unique business features that are worth taking a second look at.

We know you want to focus on what’s most important—running your business. Our team will help find ways to improve your ads and get you better results.

Plus, we’ll provide reports, insights, and ongoing optimization, so you can monitor your progress and make your business even more successful.

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