New Multi Product Post Ads

Facebook has now unveiled a new feature that was originally designed for eCommerce businesses and has been used with third party software…until now. You may have seen them in your news feed because they look different than traditional single post ads. These ones allow you to scroll.

Through an advanced Facebook advertising tool called the Power Editor, businesses and agencies can how harness this tool for multiple purposes. I’ve been rolling it out this past week for a handful of my clients and have been experiencing promising success with them.

One of the most universal applications is for clients who have been using it so far is for products. I can see an even wider application using multiple blog posts that users can scroll through to select an article that suits their curiosity.

I have also been finding that the cost per website click has been cheaper than traditional single posts ads which is a nice introduction to this new feature.

Below you’ll find some sample ads. Here are some additional ideas on how you can apply multi-product ads to your business:

  • Upcoming events
  • Blog posts
  • Products
  • Event keynote speakers
  • Featured website pages (single topic focused)

Looking for a deeper dive into what may suit your advertising suite, contact us for a marketing consultation.

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