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Sometimes I find people struggling on how to write blog articles and website content. They often ask me what content should I put on my website? Well, I am sharing this opportunity to tell you more about how I do what I do with the written word online. Before doing so, I wanted to thank Anita Heidema for sharing this blog tour opportunity with me. Anita is a Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, Travel Specialist and new author of Vitality Knocks – Short Stories to Enrich Your Soul.

So, without further ado, here is my intuitive twist on the writing process:

What am I working on?
meditationThis past year I’ve been undergoing a spiritual transformation. During this process, my shift has naturally spilled into my work as well. I have learned that empathy and creating my message through words is in my DNA. My passion for language has driven me away from watching uninspiring television and negativity. And instead, reading more books and learning more about energy healing, intuition and spirituality. I believe that everything in this world is based upon energy, and what we do with it is what differentiates us.

What I’m working on now is integrating this transformation into the business world. I believe that there is a movement in the world right now that is shifting everyone towards love and kindness. From a marketing standpoint, people don’t want to see sleazy sales pitches; instead, they just want to know what you’re all about and if your purpose resonates with them.

The world is virtually rewinding back to the golden years of referrals by asking friends and family for word-of-mouth style referrals via social media. My goal is to help purposeful entrepreneurs to shine through the clutter online and off-line so that they can grow their business and achieve success.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My passion for language comes across differently than others because I come from a place of authenticity. I intentionally screen my clients to ensure that they have a higher purpose in their business. Therefore the messages that I’m creating for my clients all come from the heart, and they intend to genuinely help and provide value.

Why do I write what I do?
One thing that I love to do is help others. The way that I can do this is to connect my clients with people that truly have a need for their product and/or service. I enjoy finding ways to help my clients resonate with their ideal customer so that they understand their purpose in their product and/or service. This often comes across through the written word, but it also comes across through imagery and videos as well to help illustrate the core message.

How does my writing process work?
When I write a blog article, the place that I start is actually through keyword research. I look for key phrases that people are searching for online. This market research allows me to see trends in what people are looking for, struggling with or have a genuine interest in. After all, doesn’t it make sense to write about things that people are actually looking for?

Often times the keyword research indicates secondary questions for the article. What I do is write the article based on the highest traffic key phrases from the keyword research, and then I use the key phrases that have a little bit less traffic but still relevant traffic for questions that I would answer within the article.

I use the same style approach for writing website copy as well. I find that a lot of business owners have a big struggle with writing website copy. It’s almost like they get a case of writers block when they need to write about themselves.

What I do is teach them how to create their message so it comes across more easily. An example of this would be on the ‘about us’ page, where we talk about how they can help their ideal customer rather then carrying on about their credentials and all the boring details surrounding their education and experience. Your website visitors want to know how you can help, not where you went to school and what you’ve done in the past. Unless of course you have achieved great results through some past experiences, those would be used as case studies.

Pro Tip:
In closing, one of the most powerful tips that I recommend for any website content creation, is the use of testimonials. I would recommend surveying as many clients of yours as possible to collect their thoughts and feelings on the products and/or services that you provide. Then take that information to craft your messages on your website. This allows you to speak in the language that your customers are using instead of your own professional lingo. It also helps to resonate with your website visitors better.

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