AdSkills Certification Announcement

This spring, our marketing team has been working diligently to gain advanced media buying skills.. We are so happy to announce that our owner is now an adskills certified media buying master.

Taking time out of our year for professional-development is something that worked well for us as a team. Spending time focusing on learning new tools and strategies has really helped us improve collectively at Martin Marketing. For those of you who have no idea what AdSkills is and are asking “what’s the big deal?”, here’s a quick rundown: 

AdSkills is an educational resource for media buyers like us. It is a trusted resource for over 13,000 marketing professionals. With this certification, we have:

  • Access to a community of over 1,100 professional ad buyers where we can ask questions and receive advice
  • Tools that make us more productive and efficient at what we do for our clients
  • Up to the minute updates via Slack on the latest and best practices to ensure we continue to be experts in our industry. 

We will be able to answer your questions with confidence because our knowledge has been verified by industry experts and their standards have proven themselves true for hundreds of marketers across the country. 

We are extremely excited about this opportunity for us as a team. This opens the doors to a lot of new shared resources! To learn more about how our agency can meet your marketing needs, contact us today.

Tammy Martin


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