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Writers block. Designers block.We’re all too familiar with the concept. And in this digital age of regular blogging, posting on social media, creating unique designs and writing website content that’s new and fresh can be a challenge for some. Tapping into your inner creative is an elusive technique at times.

Here are the strategies that I use when I could use a little guidance to nudge my inspiration.

  1. Taking a walk in nature is a great way to get refreshed and open up to new ideas.
  2. Taking a nap is way for your guides to reach out to you while you are relaxed. Sometimes you are too blocked with your ego when you are awake, so a quick nap can break down those barriers and open you up.
  3. Driving is surprisingly a time when I get ideas that I quickly write down when I’m stopped so I don’t forget them.
  4. Eating clean(er) helps you stay in tune, so the heathier you can eat, the better. Your meditations will be more vivid as well. Some of the most intuitive/gifted people I know are either vegan or at least vegetarian.
  5. Listening to music can be a mindless pass time, but if you stop and listen to the lyrics, this is another way that your guides are passing messages along to you. Pay attention to the words the next time you’re driving or tuning in around the house. Your inspiration may have been hidden in the melody and you’ve been too busy tuning it out.
  6. Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind. However, lots of people struggle with sitting still even with guided meditations. That’s why I have been learning Qi Gong. It is a movement meditation that has helped boost my intuition and settle my thoughts. Qi Gong is a collection of slow movements to keep your body moving which I find helps me from getting lost in my thoughts.
  7. Instead of zoning out on your next flight. Try using it as an outlet for your creativity whether it’s through writing, drawing or designing. The ionic activity is different at higher altitudes, which helps you, so don’t waste it on movie replays and crappy TV!
  8. Notepads are old school, but for good reason. I tend to write my blog articles (including this one) over the course of a few weeks. I come up with the initial idea, and then brainstorm throughout the month with ideas and put them all into one article in less than an hour. Not bad eh?!
  9. Lately I’ve been having Skype dates with a friend of mine. We schedule a time with each other to meet and write at the same time. We write for 15 minutes, which allows our left brain/ego to get its release, and then we have a special meditation together to activate our right brain/creative side. We reset the timer for another 15 minutes and write from the heart. The process has enabled me to flesh out my ideas because I can discern what topics make my heart sing, and what topics feel like work and don’t flow as easily. I would recommend this process if you’re trying to figure out your writing voice and subject matter.
  10. If you prefer to write alone, you could try writing while you’re listening to a shamanic drumming journey. You can find them for free on YouTube. I find it helps me focus and activate my creative side.

What is your muse? Feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to add more ideas to the list!

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