How to Find the Best Pay-Per-Click Consultant

pay-per-click-consultantEver wonder what to ask a prospective pay-per-click consultant? Here are four quick questions to help guide your decision:

  1. Ask them if they’re going to use the search network or display network. Although the display network is ideal for branding, it is also a great way to go through your monthly ad spending quickly without many conversions. Using the search network primarily is your best bet to create a campaign that generates results.
  2. Determine whether they’re going to be performing keyword research for you, or whether they will be basing the campaigns on what you’ve indicated. Great consultants can show you key phrases that you may not have thought of otherwise to give your campaign a nice boost.
  3. I would also recommend checking to see if they have a Google Agency account and work directly with an account representative. This provides them with a direct line to Google and the support that you’ll need for a successful campaign.
  4. Lastly, I would request the list of negative keywords that they’ll use for the campaign. Check to see if they’ve incorporated the business name into the list so you’re not paying for clicks that you would have gotten for free anyway. I would also ensure that this list includes words like jobs, careers, do it yourself, cheap, free and other words that you may not want to be optimized for.

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Tammy is the company founder and crafty innovator behind this article. Since 2000, she has worked with clients to refine their marketing strategy, perfect ad performance, and generate sales from the bottom up.

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