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There are times when the creation of a new Facebook ad can be daunting. There are lots of great tools available to you that help generate ideas and stimulate your imagination. I’ve compiled a few of my favourite resources that have helped me get past the blinking cursor.

Each graphic links directly to the tool, so please note that you will be redirected away from my site to check these out.

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Here are some additional tools:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Research allows you to see what keywords and phrases are getting the most traffic
  • Setting up a weekly Google Alert for your industry, or a few
  • Create a unique blog title with this blog idea generator
  • Search for your keyword on a stock photography site like iStock or Shutterstock
  • Search for your keyword on YouTube
  • Search for your keyword on Amazon and review the comments from the bestselling books to see what people are looking for
  • If you have a large fan base (1,000+ fans), you can review the Audience Insights in Facebook to learn more about their lifestyles and demographics

If you’ve come across some great tools that you think should be added to this resource tool, please contact us directly, especially if you plan to use this article frequently like I will.

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