Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

When I start a marketing consultation, this is always a question that comes up along with whether Facebook ads “really work”. After working on Facebook ad campaigns exclusively for a few years now, I can shed some light on this inquiry as follows…

The obvious answer is that yes, Facebook ads generate website visitors, fans, email subscribers and new customers. The not so obvious answer is the investments that a company gains through the process, which I refer to as digital assets.

What are digital assets?

The first asset that companies grow is what I refer to as an invisible opt-in list. This is created through the use of the Facebook Pixel, which collects a behind-the-scenes list of Facebook users in your ad account that you can use later.

The basic application is to create an audience out of this group and use it to send ads to them to sell your products/services after they have visited your website for a certain period of time. An advanced application is to create a lookalike audience out of this group of users so Facebook can find people who are similar to them and market your business to them.

Another advanced strategy is to use that audience after it has 1,000 Facebook users in it to review its ‘Audience Insights’. This provides a detailed report on who your website visitors are, which is fascinating for new businesses. Sometimes it reveals that your ideal customer looks different than you think they are with respect to age, sex, income, habits, etc.

Lots of business owners who inquire about Facebook advertising don’t have an avatar of WHO their ideal customer is, and after working together to build these audiences, this is something that becomes more clear because it’s based on real-time market behaviour.

What are the long-term benefits of Facebook Advertising?

After working with a client for a few months, their content marketing strategy is created and the execution plan is in place. The content includes blog articles, videos, infographics, graphics and more. The content is used to attract new visitors to the website, illustrate their depth and expertise to build authority.

While the content is going live, the online reputation for the business is growing via social proof, organic website optimization and content that acts as your ambassador for the months and years to come. When people search for your company, or its related keywords online, your business will begin appearing in the search results thanks to “social SEO”. Your credibility transfers from Facebook to the search engines, so it’s a win-win.

Need some help?

If Facebook sounds like a good fit for your business, feel free to contact us for a one-hour coaching session, or “done for you” consulting services. Facebook is the best platform choice, especially when your target market is over 25 (otherwise we recommend Instagram for the younger audience).

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Tammy Martin

Tammy is the company founder and crafty innovator behind this article. Since 2000, she has worked with clients to refine their marketing strategy, perfect ad performance, and generate sales from the bottom up.

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