Be Remarkable

Where should a business owner spend their time? On SEO or being remarkable?

If you don’t have enough traffic coming to your site and you don’t have enough leads…

Is this a marketing problem? Not necessarily.

In his new book, This Is Marketing, by Seth Godin, he states that business owners should focus on getting back to basics.

And the basics in business involve remarkability.

Gone are the days of the Olde Tyme General Store that got everyone’s business because they were the only ones in town. 

Consumers have more choices than ever and are not limited by geography when making purchasing decisions, it’s as easy as a click to choose to buy from another business.

If you can’t get six people or a hundred people excited about what you do and raving about you, then this isn’t a marketing problem.

Strategies to Stand Out and be Remarkable 

  1. Create a powerful offer or guarantee. Reduce the perceived risk of purchasing from you to increase sales. 
  2. Address customer pain points. Alleviate a pain that competitors aren’t.
  3. Do business differently than your competitors. Find and exploit something they aren’t doing well, then do it really well.
  4. Create a cause marketing effort. Aligning with a cause is a great way to make a name for yourself.
  5. Deliver extraordinary service. Like, really deliver – don’t just say that you do.
  6. Create a memorable culture. Something memorable and appealing – let’s be clear.
  7. Focus on a narrow niche. Trying to serve everyone means you’ll serve no one. Define who you serve so people can quickly identify themselves as your target market and your marketing will be infinitely more effective! 
  8. Become a social business. Integrate social consciousness right into your supply chain – fund work that uplifts those who need it.
  9. Surprise and delight your customers. Give them a good story to tell (and they’ll do some of your marketing for you!)
  10. Be weird or quirky – a global market means that your weirdos will find you if you let your freak flag fly 

Your goal as a business owner is to offer a product/service where people are excited to come back for more and are telling others about you without prompting or referral incentives.

Until you’ve mastered being remarkable, you’d be better off not worrying about SEO, pay-per-click ads, website optimization, conversion optimization, etc.

Focus on your tribe, even if your tribe only fits into a treehouse.

If you’d like some help in the remarkable department, let’s connect.

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Tammy Martin

Tammy is the company founder and crafty innovator behind this article. Since 2000, she has worked with clients to refine their marketing strategy, perfect ad performance, and generate sales from the bottom up.

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