Marketing Attribution Tracking for

Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads & More

The most important part of digital advertising is attributing your sales back to the customer’s original first point of contact with you.

The problem is that each platform tells their own (oftentimes self-serving) story. Google and Facebook assess and report on attribution differently so their metrics never match.

Also, when you’re advertising on Facebook or Instagram the attribution window is only 28 days, so if you have a longer sales cycle, then you cannot get visibility in ads manager to see what’s working.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to resolve this issue with the introduction of utilizing a third-party (neutral) tool that paints an accurate picture of where your paying customers are coming from. Also, this tool illustrates the digital customer journey that they’ve taken in order to become a customer of yours.

These are the types of activities that you’ll see along their journey:

  • The first point of contact (Google paid, Google organic, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Web pages they’ve visited on your site (in order by date)
  • Email campaigns they’ve clicked on (including UTM parameters)
  • Website goals they’ve reached along the way (form entries, subscriptions, etc)

The journey also identifies the individual with their email address so you’re able to see who they are, where they came from and what they did. This enables you to connect your marketing tactics and website activity with outcomes. It also provides the true impact of your marketing efforts over time.

Identify Your Website Visitors
Create Visitor and Customer Segments

If you’d like to get this software up and running, we can help. You’ll no longer need to rely on hopes, hunches or an ouija board to decide your next marketing moves.

We can also help you build a tailor-made marketing dashboard for your business so you can see what's going on within 30 seconds (without the need to have a PhD in data sciences to read it).

Contact us for a consultation and explain how it can fit with your business along with detailed pricing.


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