Are you an Abundant Thinker?

abudanceI find it intriguing how similar businesses and bloggers react to new competitors in their marketplace. They either react like hoarders trying to protect their trade secrets and their customers, or they welcome the new player with open arms and share their wealth of experience. This illustrates scarcity versus abundant thinkers.

I have a lot of respect for the abundance philosophy because it introduces business owners to be creative. Instead of thinking that somehow they are going to run out of customers or lose customers, abundant thinkers develop new ways of generating revenue so everyone can be a part of the process.

Last week I attended a webinar lead by Guy Kawasaki from Google who spoke about the art of enchantment. He recommended thinking like a baker instead of a cookie eater. If you are a baker, there will always be opportunities to have food on the table. If you are a cookie eater, this is a zero-sum mentality that will leave you with nothing eventually because you will run out of cookies.

How does this apply to your business? Here are some tips on how to put the abundance paradigm into practice:

  • invite guest bloggers to share their thoughts and opinions on your website
  • approve comments from fellow industry experts onto your blog
  • share your knowledge and experience fully with others
  • provide tips and tricks for your customers
  • spend time (lunch, coffee, meetings, etc) with abundant thinkers for inspiration
  • be selective about what you feed your mind: TV shows, books, news, commercials, etc.
  • give your time and/or money to charity
  • when a customer is not happy, look at it as an opportunity to foster your relationship. When a customer service mishap is handled effectively, customers often become more loyal afterwards because they feel more connected with you and you’ve shown that you care about their business and are listening to what they have to say

If you have any additional suggestions for business owners to embrace the abundance mentality, please comment below.

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