What Not To Do When Advertising on Facebook

Common Rookie Mistakes

We’ll have a learning journey to make when experimenting with Facebook Advertising. It can appear deceptively easy, which is why I don’t recommend taking it on yourself. There are lots of ways to burn through your cash quickly and easily on Facebook. I will show you a few of those pitfalls that you’ll come across when you’re trying to do it yourself.

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Lack of Testing
The benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability to text your ads. When you run an ad in the newspaper you get one shot to get it right. When you advertise online you have the opportunity to compete different ads against each other. Once you figure it which ad is doing better, then you can disable the one that isn’t working and then create a new ad to compete against your ad that is already doing well.

Set It And Forget It…Not!
When you are running an ad on Facebook it is something that you do need to constantly monitor. There are a few reasons why you need to keep a watchful eye on your ads. The first one is for budget reasons. Sometimes you may have set the ad up in such a way that you spend an exponential amount of money very quickly without even realizing it.

Tell, Tell, Tell Instead of Sell, Sell, Sell
The last thing that people want when they go onto Facebook is to be sold to. They’re looking for entertainment, to connect with other people and are sometimes just bored and looking for something to do while they’re waiting for commercials to end, waiting at the doctor’s office or in line. Do you see the irony in this? They are going to Facebook because they don’t want to be sold to during commercial breaks!

The most effective approach to Facebook advertising is to be more conversational and by using an advertorial approach. You’re having a conversation with your ideal customers rather than putting a billboard in their face. Your presence needs to be gentler almost as though it’s a first date. Don’t jump in and be cheesy. Be authentic and share information that they’d actually be interested in. Date yourself for a little while and find ways to speak about your product/service in an interesting way that would inspire conversation and interest.

There Is More Than Meets The Eye
Have you tried Facebook Advertising before and thought, meh, the results were so-so? When you hire someone who is professionally trained in Facebook, you’re acquiring the expertise in Facebook best practices. There are tools to increase your results like where the visitor goes once they’re on your site, ways to market to them after they’ve seen your ad and the best types of Facebook ads that generate the best results.

Does The Shoe Fit?
Facebook Advertising isn’t for every single type of business. It does work really well for some, and not for others. What I do during your marketing consultation is determine which social media platform or online marketing tool would be the best fit for your business. For example, I won’t recommend Facebook if you’re primarily business-to-business focused because I know that Linked In provides better opportunities for you.

If you’re ready to try online advertising and are looking for a someone to help you with your social media strategy, contact us today for a marketing consultation.

Tammy Martin

Tammy Martin

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