Tammy Martin

Owner | Marketing Analytics Expert | Fractional CMO

Tammy is the company founder, fearless leader, and crafty innovator behind your digital marketing strategy.

Tammy successfully takes on dual roles of a maverick trailblazer, testing new ground and an inspiring marketing analytics expert with a human-focused approach. As your fractional CMO, she is the intuitive orchestrator you need to manage every aspect of your marketing solution.

Since 2000, she has worked with clients to refine their sales strategy, perfect ad performance, and generate leads from the bottom up.

As a lifelong student of human behaviour, Tammy has translated her curiosity into a passion for marketing, business, tech, and design.

Getting certified in measurement marketing was a magic puzzle piece dropping into place – a window that provides clarity and eliminates the guesswork of optimization points for maximum conversions and profits.

Tammy’s innate ability to quickly see things from multiple angles paired with the insights powered by measurement marketing is a boon to her clients. This allows her to understand complicated situations to usher forward innovative solutions for fast pivots.

Conscious of the way business can better the world, Tammy actively seeks to build digital experiences for eCommerce brands engaged in the global community.

In addition to serving as a fractional CMO and heading up the agency, she is on her own journey to live and work in a socially-conscious way. Finding her balance in sustainable gardening and permaculture and woodworking, she feeds her imagination in the curated online world with “all things pretty on Instagram and Pinterest”.

Tammy resides in Newmarket, Ontario with her husband, Chris, and two boys where she always accepts an offer for herbal tea, but never traditional orange pekoe tea, which, as Ted Lasso would say, tastes like pigeon water.

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