From the Founder, Tammy Martin:

In 2012, I was inspired to take the entrepreneurial leap and start my own business. Martin Marketing was a natural meeting of my skills and experiences over the last decade, but also became a place that embodied my personal history and values.

Looking back to some of the most significant moments of my life growing up in Ontario—my unquenchable spirit, sense of adventure, and an absolute trust in the powers that be— I decided that my business would be guided by these strong creative qualities and above all, by a deep and unwavering intuition.

I landed on the image of a feather to represent the soul of my company. It has a spiritual and magical aspect (as in the wings of an angel or Phoenix), an ambitious and determined aspect (as in the fable of Icarus), and as one of the earliest writing instruments, it encompasses the art of the written word that helps us to connect to others and resonate with audiences.

For me, the feather is a daily reminder of tapping into my honest and authentic nature as well as my marketing talent to help my clients succeed.

Fast forward to the present day, Martin Marketing has helped numerous businesses and soulful entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of digital and more effectively navigate the path to realizing their goals.

We take pride in working with people that are just as dedicated as we are to positive change and human values. Trust me, nothing is too “woo-woo” for us. Whether you are a team of two or 200, we’re here to bring authentic stories, the power of empathy, and creative, meaningful messages to your brand’s vision.

If you are a business looking to purposefully connect, contact us today for a consultation.



At Martin Marketing we help businesses take the lead in their industry with digital. We're centralized in Newmarket, Ontario and our remote team is located across Canada and United States.

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