The $10/Day Difference on Facebook

Facebook Update

Each week I receive a weekly page update from Facebook that summarizes reach, likes and engagement for all of my clients for the last seven days. I find the report so fascinating because the differences between the clients who are using Facebook, who are not using Facebook and who is really killing it on Facebook is so transparent.

To keep my clients confidential what I’ve done is collected the averages of each and summaries so you can see the disparity without completely and uncovering their identities.

This chart below shows you the difference between my clients who aren’t doing anything on Facebook, my clients are posting regularly on Facebook for free and my clients that are investing $10 a day in Facebook advertising. The clients who are spending $10/day are also posting organically and they are reaching 22 times what other businesses are who are doing nothing. And they’re reaching 3.5 times the audience compared to businesses who are posting for free.


Successful businesses position themselves at the centre of the discussion so they can be the nucleus. When you choose to take that leap of faith and invest in your business, you’ll start to see the shifts that you’ve been looking for. These are the things that I hear from my clients:

• Wow! My video reached $10,000 people at a cost of $0.02 per person!
• I am starting to receive consultation requests through my website now
• My clearance event got the majority of the foot traffic from Facebook ads
• Facebook performed better than the radio ads or newspaper ads we used
• I got 200 new email subscribers last month
• I am finally getting inquiries through my website

When you make the decision to step out of the shadows and the periphery, you and your business can finally shine and participate in discussions that are at the core of your industry. And when you do, you’ll be doing a favour for your potential clients. I’ve even heard this myself. Someone recently said to me that they’ve been looking for someone like me for years! Wow! Wouldn’t that be awesome if you could hear that too?!

Whatever social media platform you choose, do it bravely and reveal your greatness. There are people out there looking for you, so let’s make it easier for them and step into the spotlight. Even if you’re introverted like me, the Internet is a great place for introverts to step into their power and share their insights without getting overpowered by extroverts.

You’ve got the mic. Use it!

Too much?  We can help reveal your greatness, just reach out for a consultation call.

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