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We are digital lead generators.

We help businesses acquire quality customers using data and creativity.


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We can attract more visitors to your website for less than a dollar per visitor.


More Fans & Subscribers

Watch your Facebook fan base, Instagram followers and email list grow with our proven strategy to generate new leads.


More New Customers

Once these new customers are part of your sales process, you can continue marketing to them to grow your business.

See how you can acquire more leads and quality customers with us.


Drive with Digital using

social media experts

The social platforms we use can help you grow your business as well as increase your website traffic, email subscribers, fan base, video viewership and optimize your website. It's the new age way to replace or supplement your search engine optimization tactics and find more customers in a way that you can control volume-wise.

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At Martin Marketing we help businesses take the lead with digital. We're centralized in Newmarket, Ontario and our remote team of over 150 experts is located across Canada and the US.

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